Our References

Bob Stokstad

"After I got back, I wrote an article for our monthly motorcycle newspaper, City Bike.  I recently added some photos to the text that is on my website:
Just click on "Patagonia" and you'll see the story and the photos. You will be particularly interested in the Sidebar to the story, FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)"

Mike Elias

"Hey Mariano,
I'm home and thinking every day of my adventure.
Here are some photos my son put up on youtube:
Argentina Chile Trek
thanks again for the great bike and service."

Andrzej Strzezek

"Hola Mariano,
Ya acabe el viaje. La moto devolvi a Carlos. Estoy muy agradecido a ustedes por seguir todo el proceso del alquiler de la moto tan eficientemente. La comunicación fue rápida y concreta. La Transalp estuvo bien preparada y equipada. El precio aceptable. Fue mi gusto hacer el negocio con ustedes.
Muchas gracias por haberme dejado tener el viaje tan fascinante sin problemas técnicos.
Hasta la próxima vez.
Abrazos." www.mototango2009.blogspot.com

Robert Windl

"We had a really great trip and we were very satisfied with your bikes. We had no problem at all and they were absolutely reliable.
Also the service of your colleagues in Ushuaia and Neuquen was excellence. It was a perfect bike-journey and the dependabiltity of the hondas helped us very much. Thanks for that!"

Robert Forsee

"I greatly enjoyed the trip from Buenos Aires to Cusco and back.   http://bobsmotoadventure.blogspot.com

Dave Murray

"Dear Mariano,

"I hope this email finds you well.

 Life just does not seem the same after such an adventure and we have you to thank for that. People back in Australia are mind blown by some of our photos and I’ve been asked to write an article in a magazine, which I’ll forward onto you.

 I am currently in the process of speaking to my boss to see I could get a transfer to Beunos Aries next year, if not then I might have to send you my CV!!! If Lucy and I do make the move then I’ll definitely be hitting you up for a new Transalp!

 Thanks again Mariano we couldn’t have done it without you."

Simon Limpus

"Hi Mariano,
Just wanted to thank you for the Bikes and all your help and support. It was truly a life changing experience and all of us have been miserable since being back in our regular jobs. The Bikes were great and your mechanical expertise was what kept the trip going.
Thanks again and stay in touch."

Guy Cornelis

"I had a fine vacation. We have done about 4900km and we had no technical problems with the bike.The number of miles alowed where sufficent. The appearance and performance of the bike where very good.

Meaby the gassolinethanks where a little bit too small to cross the Pampa. We are for the 100% satisfied of the rental station and I wish to thank Mariano for his service.He is a very nice guy and it was a pleasure to meet him. Next year I have the plan to tour in the Far East like China,Thailand,Vietnam or the neighberhood."

Ramon Troncoso

Marian y Carlos,
"Antes que nada, quiero agradecerles todo lo que nos ayudaron a hacer nuestro viaje a Ushuaia. No habia podido contactar con Ustedes antes por que llegue a Mexico y me meti en el dia a dia. Aquiles mando una liga a algunas fotos del viaje,
Espero que las disfruten.

Ben Greig

"We had the trip of a life-time.  We have resolved to do one trip every Janaury for at least the next 20 years or so !!!

 We must stay in touch.

 Best wishes"

James Fawsitt

"Hi Mariano,
We just wanted to say thanks so much for such great bikes for a perfect trip!  We are writing an article for a magazine and we will give you a mention.  Hopefully it will get published."


" ciao Mariano,
sono Giampiero dall'Italia, volevo farti gli auguri di felice Navidad, e di buon anno nuevo, nell'attesa di poter venire a fare in moto l'argentina northe e chile che l'anno passato non ho potuto fare!! appena posso vengo da te perchè mi sono trovato molto bene e perchè sei una persona eccezionale!! grazie ancora e auguri!!!
giampiero roncoroni ( transalp usuhaia) del 1/05"

Rick Keist

"I wanted to drop you a note, and just express my thanks to you.
The tirp and ride went great, I have no complaints. The motorcycle was ready when I arrived, ran great with out any problems. The ride itself was fun and memorable, despite some cool temperatures. And despite my lack of speaking and understanding spanish it never hindered my travels, the Argintinians that I encountered where very friendly and always helpful and patient with me.
Yes, someday I would like to came back and spend more time exploring your country. Again I really enjoyed my time in Argentina and the ride, thanks."

Mathew Lynch

"Dear Mariano.

Thanks again for everything. We had a wonderful time in Argentina - and our ride was amazing. Thanks also for getting the t-shirts to us too - Motocare now has two walking billboards in the streets of London!."

Phillip Freeman

Alaska Rider Tour
"thanks for everything! the bikes and the service was great!! we arehaving a trip of a lifetime!!"

Atsuko Yamashita

" went to Patagonia, and it was really good. I could come across Motocare, and it was really good. Thank you foreverything!! I want to visit again by all means. I send an email (or CD-R) to show photographs later. I really enjoyed this trip."

Emiliano Perlasca

" Il responsabile si chiama Mariano Calderon, è una persona estremamente gentile, competente e onesta, grazie a lui abbiamo potuto effettuare un meraviglioso giro da Salta a Bariloche lungo la Ruta 40 percorrendo ben 5000 km in 15 giorni.
Ci tenevo a portare alla vostra attenzione questo indirizzo da inserire nella vostra guida che chiaramente è stata nostra fedele compagna,
durante la nostra avventura."

Carlo Kapp

"I had planned a trip after seeing "the motorcycle diaries" a film on che guevara diaries on a route that he took with his friend in the thirties on a british triumph !! I found a company in london that said they would sort it all out, so i booked  flights, as a treat for my first employee ( 20 years) , any way the uk company failed to arrange anything and told us only two day before we flew!!! So on the internet i got and found mariano calderon!! Mariano calderon <marianomotocare@ciudad.com.ar> he is the owner of the company, my uk travel agents were using in argentina, just by chance! Any way we asked for help on fixing the trip, the guides, the bikes, the route, the hotels, as we were flying next day with nothing booked because of our bad agents.............he and his team were fantastic a real joy to deal with, kind, good humoured, straight, not devious, we were at their mercy cos we had nothing planned but were there, they took no advantage, mariano personaly, was fantastic everything was on time, in the right place, bikes were great, one new, one 10k on the clock, the guide was the regional champion for the last few years, on a super bike, all the more impressive as he led us on his super bike as we off roaded through the andies on our transalp tyres and he was on slips!!! He was good company too. I cannot recommend them enough and what they tell you will be the truth not bulshit as is so easy!!"

David Martinez

"Mariano, and his operation, were incredible.  I can't  covey in an email how much he added to our trip.  I can  honestly say that if not for Mariano I could not have pulled it off.  I know it sounds like I'm pumping him up but it is no hype.  In all aspects of our dealing he was straight up, gave us more than we expected, and helped us out far beyond renting a bike.  We crossed the Argentina/Chile boarder four times and his paperwork passed the test each time.  When we had a problem (not with the bikes) we could call him and he bailed us out with a great attitude.
Regarding the bikes.....  We rode the Honda Transalps, killer.  Never had a problem and put more than 4,000k on them.  We rode freeway to dirt roads and they were great.  I wouldn't bring them too far off road, and there really is not much need.  You can see some great county from the roads."